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Nowadays, one of things of our daily lifestyle to be going on has happened that computer and laptop have become important part, either in the office or home, everywhere. This is always a major problem when suddenly it stop functioning. It exactly tends to one of main issues that our customer cause to bring their computer to any Computer Laptop Repair Service nearby home. It may be possible that customer may need to restore their computer at laptop repair services provider. Several clients might not know about a probable simple fix that they can do themselves at home. Today, I am going to teach a lesson what system restore is and why and how to perform it in window.

There could be many reasons why your computer is not working properly, here few of them have been that stop your computer functioning, and you may need system restore for your computer-

1- An update could not have installed correctly

2- you system could have shut down while updating it

3- An application could have jammed or stuck while closing it, and you have forcefully shutdown

4- Certain antivirus/malware could have wrongly interfered while updating software

5-The lid could have been shut on your laptop while the update was installing

6- It also may be possible your computer seems inactive during the installation of the update and you forcefully shut the computer down.

In few case, an update system could not complete due computer shut down, and it can causes stop vital functions working properly. Even, Software Update Function will  update your computer’s software and driver. If it is not completed due to computer shutting down incorrectly. Then your system becomes unstable. many times having a impaired driver might be cause blue screen errors and it may stop you from booting into windows. Therefore, a system restore is a important function which you should know for further well use of computer.

Microsoft Window contains System Restore function that essentially may take you back in time when you computer was functioning well. It always at everyday runs in background with your system, takes snapshots, of your system setting and registry. Most malwares/virus always have their first step to infect your system restore. This is why, you should know about System Recovery Step them, so that you may perform on your computer while it encounter some issues resulting data lose. This function is enabled by default in windows, though, some users may the feature disabled. Additionally, some computer’s users disable system restore to free up disk space. Implementing system restore may not cause any file corruption of your computer.

It is very compulsory to know any system restore function is not an effective way to identify and removing any malware/virus from the system. When virus enters, the first ever thing is that it infect system restore. It is one of first thing of technician that, when a disinfecting a computer with virus, is to remove all previous data points. so, user should decide to do system restore. So, assuming your computer is virus/malware free, these are the steps that ensure system restore enables. Now let’s see, how to perform it at windows

How to confirm System Restore is enabled –

1-Locate mouse at search box bottom to left corner of computer’s screen

2-In the box, Type “Create System Repair” and  click at control panel result. The “system Properties” window will pop up

3-Go at “Protection Setting” select main drive C and press “Configure” button

4-Be sure “Turn on system protection” is enabled/checked.

How to perform a system restore

1-Repeat first and second step given above

2-Click at “System Restore”

3-When System Restore Open, and Popup opens, click at next

4-The next window will have most recently System Restore Point that was performed. Click that point until it is highlighted, click the “Next”.

5-The final window will ask to confirm “System Restore Operation” , you will have click at “Finish”

If you have complete all these steps, System Restore Function will initialize and it may take several from several minutes to several hours. This time will depend on your system capability. It is important not to interrupt the process. After completing this process, your computer is still having in trouble, then you would look to a System Restore Service Provider. You can contact with Computer Repair Home Service or call our contact number. Our technician will be at your doorstep within a hour.  

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