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“SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’; It is the practice to getting traffic on your website from organic, free, or natural search results so that your website/webpage will appear on top ranking in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for a certain keyword search.”

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SEO is all about optimizing your website or webpage for search engines. SEO focuses on the rankings in the ‘organic’ (Non-Paid) search results. When you put any query or search on a search engine, the order in which the related search results are appears is based on the complex algorithm.

Major Search Engines like Google, Bing, & Yahoo have primary search results that ranked your webpage and other contents like videos, images, or local listing on the basis of what the search engine considered to most relevant to users.

How SEO Works :

In the above content, we have discussed about what the SEO means. And now let’s understand how SEO does works:

When a searcher searches any query on search engine than the search engine shows the result that are relevant to your query based upon the authority of webpages. In order to which the search result has shown is based on a complex algorithm. Google or any search engine has crawlers to gather the information and content that can they find on internet and brings all those to the search engine to build an index. That index has done through an algorithm in which Google has tries to match all that data with your queries.

In this below video Matt Cutts from Google explaining how Google Search Works-

The Search Engines works in three stages- Crawling, Indexing and Ranking.

Crawling- The crawler/bots/spiders of search engines fetch all the data/information of your website or other linked pages. After fetching all the information, each data is gathered on a huge database or temporary server from where it can later be retrieved.

Indexing- Indexing process refers to the adding of webpage’s content into Google (Search Engine). In indexing process, all the information gathered by crawlers are organized or indexed on search engine. These information are used by the search engine to provide the relevant search results for the queries searches by the users on the search engine.

Ranking- Depending upon the quality of content, meta tags, linked pages, and other relevant information, the search engine provide a certain rank position of your website on SERP for a particular keyword search.

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Search Engine Optimization Factors :

While optimizing your website two types of optimizing factor are involved-

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

On Page SEO- On Page SEO (On-site SEO) refers to optimizing entire webpages of a website in order to rank higher and earn traffic in search engines. In On Page SEO, both the content and source code (HTML code) of the webpages are to be optimized. The factors including in this optimization technique are- meta tags, URL structure. HTML tags, anchor text, keyword density, internal linking and content.

Off Page SEO– Off Page SEO (Off-Site SEO) refers to the activities that performed on other websites for your website in order to improve the ranking of your website on Search Engine Result Page. This includes generating more traffic on your website through other sites so that the ranking of your website will improve on the Search Engine Result Page. Off Page SEO activities refer to building more quality backlinks for your website to improve the ranking. Under Off-Page SEO, you can promote your website on other’s sites through Link Building & Social Media Marketing.

Link Building- Link Building or building backlinks for your website is Off Page SEO activity. This is basically build external links for your website from other’s sites through which you can gather more traffic to your website so that your website will appear higher ranking on Search Engine Result Page. The more quality backlinks, the better is the authority for your website. To building backlinks for your website, many activities are involved-

  • Blog Submission- This is an effective link building tactics where readers get fresh content on a regular basis along with your appropriate link, so that the visitors or user keep visiting on your website. Through this process, you will get quality backlinks for your website that helps to build the authority of your site and increase the PageRank.
  • Directory Submission- Directory submission refers to submitting your website to a specific category of authority directive submission site. This is an effective way to build quality backlinks for your website and generate more traffic. Through this activity, your website gain online popularity and helps to improve the Page Rank of your website.
  • Forum Posting- This is one of the powerful and effective ways to gain traffic and online popularity for your website along with the quality backlinks. This is the best online platform to participating and discussing with others about your product or online business. Forum Posting helps to improve the ranking of your website on SERP.
  • Article Submission- It refers to write articles about your website along with your appropriate URL targeting your main keyword and submitting them to high PR article submission sites. Through this link building tactic, you will get quality backlinks for your website and generate more organic traffic on your website so that your website get higher ranking on search engine.
  • Press Release Submission- Press Release submission includes writing news, events and information about your product or website and submitted it to high PR Press Release submission sites. Submitting news or events about your website along with your link at the main keyword generate quality backlinks and more traffic on your website. This is an effective Off Page optimization technique to increase the ranking of your website.
  • Classified submission- This is an online advertising technique to promote your online business and build online reputation. Through classified submission, you will get quality backlinks and organic traffic to your website that helps to improving your PageRank.
  • Guest Posting- Guest posting is also an effective way to generate quality backlinks for your website by submitting guest post on other’s popular blog sites. This helps to generate traffic on your website to get high ranking on search engine result page.
  • Document Sharing Document sharing refers to sharing or submitting documents such as PDF submission & PPT submission about your website on various high PR sites to get high backlinks and traffic on your website.
  • Video Submission- This link building activity refers to submitting videos about your website or online business on high PR Video submission sites along with the appropriate link and keyword in the video description through which you will get traffic and backlinks to your website. It is an effective and powerful Off Page activity to improve the ranking of your website.
  • Social Bookmarking- This Off Page activity is the process of submitting your website’s URL or links on various social platforms to generate traffic on your website so that your website will appear higher ranking on search engine result page.
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