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Here we learn how to clean and install window 8 on your computer. This contains process only for window 8 that is slightly different procedure to install than latest version window 8.1.

install window 8

Before installing window 8  the most important thing to know is that in which drive (probably drive C) you are going to install operating system all stored data will be destroyed in this process. That means that data you want to keep back, you should back it up to a disk, pendrive or external hard disk. Keep one thing into mind, you can perform backup action after formatting drive.

Clean and create backup :

If you are thoroughly sure that your computer has not any information you want to keep, is backed up, then come up at the next step. Keep in mind that once deleted data cannot be install reversible.

Step 1- Purchase an old version Window 8

If you have window 8 CD version then you can use it, otherwise you will have to purchase through Amazon or any other tech web as Window 8.1 pro is latest and only version that is available on Microsoft website.  

how to install windows 8 step by step ppt

Step-2- Create Backup-

Since you will be replacing whatever window and files you have with the window 8, it is advisable that create backup data what you want to keep.

install windows 8 step

Step 3- Enter your Window 8 CD inside the computer-

Place window 8 CD with logo side should up.

If your computer does not have CD slot, then buy an USB CD reader and attach to your computer

install windows 8 step by step

Step 4- Click restart on computer-

Mainly you have to restart your computer using Start, Power and Restart in the pop up menu.

install windows 8 in hp laptop

Step 5- Steeply Pressing BIOs keys-

This key either Del, Esc or F ( F10, F9 eg), this depends upon your motherboard. You need to do so instantly when your computer’s screen appear as black.

The key you want to press may be briefly listed bottom of the screen.

You can also check that key in the computer manual or online documentation

Despite this, if you see startup screen, you will need to restart your computer, and try again

windows 8 on windows 7

Step 6- Select “Boot Order” Section-

In most of computers, you can use arrow keys to select “advance or Boot order” location.

Some of them have boot order location at initial page on which you will arrive.

install windows 8 online

Step 7- Select CD Drive –

There will appear something similar “CD Drive or Disk Drive“, again you use to arrow keys to select suitable option. You may instead have to select “Removal Storage” if you are using USB CD drive. Be sure there are no any USB items (e.g. a flash drive) plugged in if you do this process.

install windows 8 from usb

Step 8- Move your hard drive top of the list-

Along with the CD Drive press + key until when CD drive goes on top.

This is core process, if it is not working, then see keys given right side or bottom of screen, and check which key you should press to move.

how to install windows 8 step by step

Step 8- Save & Exit-

See on the screen, press a key given among legend keys. Once your have saved and exited, your computer will start booting into Windows 8.

how to install windows 8 from usb

Window 8 installation :

Step 1- Select language, time zone and keyboard-

In most of cases, these term always set, but in some cases you have to select. Select right information in the box appearing on monitor if it seem false. Generally we select united state English, time zone, and keyboard.

windows 8 from usb

Step 2- As soon as you would select these term,  “Next” button at bottom corner of screen will seem, click on it.

Step 3- Click at Install Now- This option will come up in the middle of window

windows 8 in laptop

Step 4- Set up Product Key- Enter 25 character code that is listed on the window 8 CD, manual or box, then press Next to further process.

how to install windows 8

Step 5- Check in box, “I accept licence term” will appear at corner of bottom screen.

install windows 8 step by step pdf

Step 6- Click Accept– You will have to click at Next here

install windows 8 from usb

Step 7- Click Custom installed window only (advanced)- This will ask to you which type window you want to install

Windows 8 Step by step - Zee Auctions

Step 8- Select Drive Option (Advanced)- This will appear nearby middle of screen

how to install windows 8 step

Step 9- Format existing information from drive- In the window select a drive name from the list appearing bottom, then click the delete and confirm if you are agree. Repeat the process for other drives.

how to install windows 8

Step 10- Click at Unallocated Space- This should appear only near top of the page.

how to install windows 8

Step 11- Click New option that will be at bottom

how to install windows 8 online

Step 12- Eventually click first at Apply and then Next button- Both will appear at bottom of page. This will confirm your location and installation window 8 onto your computer.

how to install windows 8 step by step pdf

Step 13- May take several minutes in installation- Your computer may restart several time during window 8 installation process. Once it will install it may take you on login page.

how to install windows 8

Now installed window 8 may prompt you to set up personal thing (select theme or color etc) before using.

These are best step we discussed here, on the other hand, other manual or internet are available to guide how to install window 8. Its all depend on you which manual is being preferred by you. You can take help from the online website like as well or Computer Repair Home Service.

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