How To Install Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit or 64-Bit

how to install windows 7

Since you are installing new fresh windows 7 in your computer, firstly all the application and software that are running on your computer you will have to deleted. This is first step when you will prepare your laptop for initiating the installation of Windows 7.  

Pre Installation Information that Should do :

  • Create backup of all data of your all files and folder at an external device that may be USB flash drive, external hard drive, CD, and DVD etc. Some users keep two partition in drive, you can copy and paste it at such external devices that can be restored at fresh operating system. 
  • Make a list of all your install files for a program on the computer such as any application download or internet paid download program etc. CD/DVD installation program like Office, Project Professional etc and their product license like license keys, activation codes, serial numbers and product keys.
  • Be sure product keys for windows 7 has been written by you, you will need it for activation.
  • Disconnect external device that is being used for backup

Installing Using a Windows installation DVD :

Step-1- Enter computer’s BIOs

First of all, gets computer turn off and back on computer or restart your computer. Press a key that will appear on computer monitor like Del, Esc, F2, F10 or F9 (This would be different depend upon motherboard), BIO’s window will appear on monitor.

how to install windows 7 from pen drive

Step-2-Finding BIOs boot option –

The computer BIOs boot option menu may vary in location or name from depiction, you may lastly search it if you find around.

Note- If you can’t find boot search menu option, search BIOS name of your computer. Mostly locate in BIOS Menu (asist from internet).

how to install windows 7 youtube

Step-3- Select your Drive as the first boot device

However it may vary as per various computer brand, set your CD-ROM drive as the first boot device. the boot menu option shows a list of drive which may be three to four that you can set the order of boot on. If you are stuck then consult any manual or internet for better assist.

how to install windows 7 without cd

Step-4- Save the changes and exit –

Press the button appearing on screen, set your configuration and save the changes, and click exit

how to install windows 7 in hindi

Step 5- shut off your computer

Turn off back your computer by selecting option shut down or press power button until shut down. 

how to install windows 7 from usb

Step-6- Give power to your computer and insert window 7 disk in hard disk of computer

how to install windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

Step-7- Turn ON your computer from the disk

After placing CD inside the hard disk, start your computer. Press any key if your are asked that if you would like to boot from this disk press any key. After your choose start by disc, window setup will begin loading.

how to install windows 7 in laptop

Step-8- Select language, time and keyboard

Once window is loaded, then it will show to set some manual. Like select preferred language, keyboard type, and time/currency format. After that click “Next”

install windows

Step-9- Then click at Install Now button

install windows 7 from usb

Step-10- Select licence term

Read carefully Microsoft Software Licence Term, and accept licence by clicking the box of “I accept license term” and click next

install windows 7 in hindi

Step- 11- Select custom installation

windows 7 youtube

Step-12- Decide on which disk and partition you want to install window on

Hard drives are physical part of your computer that have data, and partitions “divide” hard drives into some parts

windows 7 without cd

-If your hard drive has any data, then delete all or format your hard drive

Select hard drive from hard drives list

Click Drive options (advanced).

Click Format from Drive options.

-Create one partition to install window if your computer have not any partition

Select hard drive from hard drives list.

Click Drive options (advanced).

Select New from Drive options.

Select the size, and click OK.

Step-13- Select that partition in which you want to install window

Once you have decided the location installing window, select it and click Next. Windows will begin installing.

Setup Windows 7

When window installation is completed, you will need to do-

  • Set window updates
  • Set user name for the first account
  • Set up time and date with including time zone
  • select the network that located on computer
  • You will need computer’s product key (depending on your computer), enter product key
  • Click at next button, a confirmation window will display
  • Close this window and now your system is ready to use.

These steps will assist every user who doesn’t know how to install window 7 and setup it first time. Follow step by step and update your computer/laptop. If you are not able to install window despite following such steps, visit to contact best technician. We will give a hand in your computer repair services related problems.

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