Basic Computer Problems And Solutions

Think what would you do, when you are starting your computer and it is not able to open operating system, however coming up an error message or worse. Or what to do when your computer is bustling blue lining across the screen or what if can’t seem any application close or what if you can’t hear any sound from speaker? This is condition when your computer is at screeching pause. There shall be many things involved into mind what would happen to your computer, especially when you don’t know as much as  what you’d like about your PC which could be in use. Whenever the problems have come with your computer, don’t be fear! Here are some troubleshooting ideas- using such tips like the above problems can be fixed easily.

computer hardware problems and solutions

Before Apply Tips to Fix Computer Issues Few Things Should Keep in Mind :

There are so many things that can be cause of problem with your computer, out of them few can be fixed by self and some can’t be repaired, and you will have to take help from services provider in market or up to home. However troubleshooting is function of trial and errors- few problems are fixed within one or two step, while some problem may take several steps to fix. We say few good steps to you before starting tips –

1– Remember each step- Once starting troubleshooting, you should write step by step before reach a solution. This may help at further trial,because it help you to remember as same as process you had done before. That means you would avoid any wrong step perform before this, and you always prefer new one.  

2- Write Down error messages- If your computer gives any error message at working time, please note down that, and be sure about that get much information as much as possible. This would help you in next troubleshooting step. You may be helpful for other person when his laptop would be in trouble condition.

3- First check cable connection- When you have problem with the laptop it may have impaired either in keyboard, monitor or CPU. Before applying Computer Troubleshooting Process at any part among these you should always check cable connection that it is connected to power supply properly. Afterward you should check that all connections are proper concerning with the suspected trouble part.
4- Restart your computer- If all these process fail, then you should restart your computer, this would be best try as it can solve many basic issues you may experience with the laptop or computer.

Here is list of computer problems and solutions :

First we start by checking common issues, it may be possible nothing is corrupt in computer and could be solved by applying easy step. We will try to use best planning on what is wrong for not working properly that having cause in the computer. It may have issues of cable, power outlet or any application is not working etc.

1- Power button is not starting computer- If your computer is not starting window, begin by checking power cord, be sure it is connected securely between the power source and back of computer case. After that, our attention should be at power outlet in which one part of cord will be connected, make sure it is working outlet. To check outlet, you can connect another device to that outlet, it may be a lamp or bulb. If your computer is plug in to a surge protector device, check that it is turned on, reset the device, for that have to turning it off and back turn on. To check it is in working condition, you can also apply another electrical device even on it. Eventually, if you are using laptop, then its battery may not be charged, then plug in an AC adapter in the source. If it still does not turn up on, then wait for few minutes and try again thus process.

2- An Application is jammed- let’s say you have opened any application, it is not running as per you, it is stuck or frozen. Whenever this happens you will not be able to close that application, then what to do close it? To quit application, press (and hold) Ctrl+Alt+Del (control, alt and delete keys) button on your laptop’s keyboard that will open task manager. On a Mac, press and hold Command+Option+Esc. Now select unresponsive application and click End Task (or Force Quit on a Mac) to close it. On the other hand, you can restart your computer if you are unable to close an unresponsive application.

3- All program run slow- There may be several reasons that application might be running slow like turtle speed. Run an antivirus and scan your computer, it might be possible any malware is running in the background that slow out operating system. It may also be possible that system might be running slow due to hard drive space. In this condition, you need to some space free up. your computer might be losing any update or hard drive has no much space. You need to scan, clean and optimize hard drive.

4- Application not installing–  If your computer is having in trouble with problem not installing an application, there might be possible not having hard drive space or be less space. In this state, you will have to some space free up. This is one of the computer’s problems, what least occur. Now you will have to search those files and folders which is not important for your work perspective, and delete them. These all may be some temporary files, duplicate data or file for software you have uninstalled.

5- Blue Screen Appear- Many of people among us think Blue as Calming color, But when it appears across the computer screen with flock of white text, then it probably has the opposite effect. Blue Screen with white text may be appear as to be one of terrible problems of computer. However, your computer may need to reboot it.This error ,ay appear on screen for various factors- hardware failure, operating system damage, DLL files corrupt, related to hard drive and many more. It depends upon original problem. The screen provides with codes that can help you to identify problem and fix it.    

6- Mouse or Keyboard is not working – If you are using wired keyboard or mouse, then check wire is connected properly in the port. On other hand, if you are using wireless mouse or keyboard, then first check it is turning, and that its battery is charged.

7- You are not hearing any sound- If you can not hear any sound with your computer, then first check, it is turn on or not, by clicking in volume control at top-corner and bottom-corner on the screen. Afterward, check the audio control, many video or audio players have own separate volume control, be sure the sound is turned on and that the volume is turn up in player. After that, make sure, an additional port is plug in well, turn on, and connected in the right port or USB. If your computer has color port, then green color will be output port for sound. Connect headphones to the computer to find out if you can hear sound through the headphones.

If you are having in trouble with the computer problem, then many softwares come in market, that can identify and fix the issues present in computer. Most of them can fix Blue Screen, Sound related issues, mouse or keyboard concerning issues, software, operating system and hardware related problems. Sometime, some problems such type that can’t be solved by self, you should consult with some organization which are known as computer hardware problems and solutions ppt, Computer Repair Home Services provider or Laptop Repair Services Provider etc.    

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